ann steinfeld expert-witness physical therapist

PT Expert Witness

Physical Therapist Expert Witness

physical therapist expert
physical therapist expert

Expert Witness Testimony– Our medical professionals can act as professional witnesses in court by giving evaluation of physical therapy documents for the purpose of medical assessment. We can suggest on the reliability as well as credibility of treatments based on appropriate criteria of technique.

It is generally detailed that a medical negligence circumstance is frequently recognized in “The Battle of the Experts”. Having the best and most knowledgeable witness on your side might make your job much less complex. The Physical Therapist is among one of the most matched to make a point of view pertaining to precisely just what ideal commitment is owed in a specific delivery of physical therapy options.

The Physical Therapist is genuine expert in realising the bone as well as joint system. In addition to that, a Physical therapy expert can advise you precisely just what you need to realize and acknowledge about your injury so you get to the heart of the issue, and address it.

physical therapist expert witness
physical therapist expert witness

Leveraging over 25 years of practice, Ann Steinfeld’s record of results for her patients along with her clinical knowledge allows customers to optimize productivity and also obtain much better outcomes. From tailored assistance for the everyday difficulties you face, to useful critical suggestions and also mistake for crucial campaigns, the security and also ability of our group equates right into foreseeable outcomes as well as assurance.

Professional Witness Testimony– Our medical professionals work as skilled witnesses in court by supplying evaluation of bodily treatment documents for the objective of clinical assessment. We could suggest on the dependability as well as credibility of procedures based upon appropriate requirements of method.

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