Physical Therapist Expert is led by well respected physical therapy veteran, Ann Steinfeld, who is a proven Physical Therapist Expert for 30 years.

Physical Therapy Expert offers treatment to individuals with a range of neuro-muscular skeletal conditions (See real patient testimonials). We also promote wellness programs that include strength and conditioning, Pilates, and balance activities to improve overall health and fitness. 714.556.1600

Direct Access to Physical Therapy (PT) is Here!

Physical Therapy is now referral free – Orange County’s First Choice in PT Care, is happy to announce that On January 1, 2014, a new California law was enacted which allows California consumers direct access to physical therapists.

Physical Therapy has been a proven trend toward

physical therapy natural cures
physical therapy natural cures
  • Pain Management
  • Natural Healing
  • Making people feel normal again
  • Overcome weakness
  • Reduce swelling or lymphedema
  • Fatigue
  • Improve balance
  • Increase flexibility
  • Increase bone density
  • Reduce scar tissue
  • Increase cardiovascular health
  • Improve endurance

We work with the leading physicians in the Orange and LA county areas. We provide a comprehensive team approach to manage your care. We achieve our goal daily by following concepts unique to our clinic:

  • Immediate Scheduling – initial evaluation within 48 hours
  • Continuity of care with the same physical therapist  – provides a maximized therapy experience.
  • Quality care and treatment – 1 on 1 treatment by a licensed manual therapist for no less than 45 min.
  • Scientific and evidenced based practice.
  • Real testimonials

The specified PT treatment we provide consists of: 

Orthopedic PT  – Sports Rehabilitation – Occupational Therapy – Hand Therapy – Health and fitness – Wellness

Our Goal is to enhance the total health and wellness, fitness and also top quality of life, of our clients by recovering prior functional capability via an exceptional, one to one, extensive, and individualized bodily PT program.

Physical Therapist Expert
Physical Therapist Expert

As rehab specialties in Physical Therapy we give top quality individualized practical physical treatment solutions. 


We are 100 % Physical Therapist professionals and also medicare approved. We aim to market the health and wellness in the regional neighborhood we call home.


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